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Marlo From The ATL HOUSEWIVES Wears $10K Custom Dress . . . Bought By Sugar Daddy!!


Marlo from the Atlanta Housewives was out last night, with her best friend NeNe. The couple were in Atlanta for the annual BMI dinner and Awards show. Both ladies looked amazing, but Marlo's outfit was special.

The outfit is a custom dress/pant suit - with a giant FLOWER on the shoulder. MTO News learned that the outfit was designed by Marlo - and is a custom piece. The cost of the dress, a reported $10K.

Don't worry, Marlo didn't pay for it. She had her wealthy new boyfriend put up the money.



According to Bravo TV's blog:

Out of all of the fabulous gifts Marlo Hampton has received over the years, her home would be at the top of her list of favorites. Marlo shared with The Daily Dish that her townhouse, which she lovingly calls "The Hamptons," was given to her by her former unnamed billionaire boyfriend about a decade ago. 

He also bought a home for Marlo's mother. "We dated for five years, so it was a serious relationship. My home, I got for my birthday, what, 10 years ago," Marlo revealed during an interview with The Daily Dish earlier this season (clip above). "And I was shocked, because I didn't know I was just getting [my home paid for]."

Marlo also joked about her decision to ask for a townhouse, "I should've got something bigger, now that I think about it."

Damn, Marlo is really out here winning.