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Marlo Hampton has been offered a "peach" by executives at the Real Housewives of Atlanta - after eight years on the Bravo hit show.

On the hit Bravo show, the show casts full time "housewives", and part time cast members. The full time housewives are said to have a "peach", because each is shown holding a peach in the show's opening sequence. The part-timers are called "friends" and they get less camera-time and less salary from Bravo.

Marlo has been a "friend" to the show for the last 8 years. But this week, MTO News learned Marlo was offered a full time position. 

A top Bravo executive told MTO News, "Marlo really helped the flow of the show [this season], she's now clearly one of the stars. We're giving her [a peach]."

Bravo had been reluctant to offer Marlo a full time position, after she was caught on camera making homophobic comments towards another cast member. Marlo has since apologized for her comments, and worked hard to change her personal biases.

Marlo is expected to accept the offer from Bravo - which comes with a substantial pay raise. That means a few changes to the show.

The Bravo executive explained, "Marlo's personal life will become more of a focus of the show - who she dates, how she makes her money, it'll all be an open book next season."

And we're told this all but SOLIDIFIES that Cynthia Bailey will not be returning to the show. The executive explained, "Cynthia no longer fits in if you add Marlo."