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Marlo from the Atlanta Housewives is dating a rich White man, MTO New has confirmed. The Atlanta Housewives is going to be JUICY this upcoming season - especially Marlo's story line.

You see Marlo has a new boyfriend, hes rich and White. According to a TOP SNITCH at Bravo, Marlo has "sworn off" Black men . . . whom she refers to as "broke.".  According to our Bravo snitch, "Marlo has been saying alot of derogatory things about Black men on camera. It's going to be very controversial when it airs."

The producer adds, "Black men are going to want to kill Marlo - she goes IN." MTO News asked if Bravo intends to air ALL the footage of Marlo disrespecting Black men on the show The producer said, "Absolutely, it's great  TV."

In case you're interested in seeing Marlo's new man, that's him in the back of this pic:


And we're sure you're wondering how exactly Marlo makes money because everyone always is...

The Bravo blog caught up with Marlo earlier this year and here's what they reported:

For years, one question has plagued fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta like no other: What exactly does Marlo Hampton do for a living? Many have posed that question since we first met Marlo on RHOA, including her fellow Georgia Peaches. However, we haven't really been able to get to the heart of Marlo's career — that is, until now.

When The Daily Dish caught up with Marlo earlier this season, she called the speculation surrounding her occupation "just crazy." She also has an explanation for why it may seem like she has a multitude of diverse interests. Marlo has described herself as everything from a style maven to an etiquette expert over the years, after all. "I'm an Aquarius. You always have to have 50 different things going on — not one, two, three, four, five," Marlo explained. "If it ain't 50 or more, something's wrong."