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Marjorie Harvey's ex-husband is claiming that federal prosecutors told him they had "substantial evidence" against Steve Harvey's wife. 

Steve and Marjorie Harvey are bracing themselves for a blockbuster tell-all book being written by Marjorie's ex-husband, a Memphis drug kingpin. And her ex plans on exposing EVERYTHING about his life with the young Marjorie Harvey.

Marjorie Harvey was married to Jim Townsend when he was arrested for selling 90 pounds of cocaine (about 40 kilos) more than 20 years ago.

Jim has previously spoken out about his relationship with Marjorie. And in a 2018 interview with The Globe magazine, he claims that the DEA suggested that Marjorie may have been involved in his drug business.

He told The Globe magazine this last year:

Before their run-in with the law, [Marjorie] loved spending nights in the party scene and dreamed of opening a “bar and grill,” Townsend says. Eventually, they made her dream come true. But he and Marjorie came under investigation by the FBI and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration for drug smuggling.

He says the feds claimed to have “substantial evidence” against Marjorie — and said she’d be arrested if he didn’t play ball.

So he cut a plea deal that allowed Marjorie and his brother, Terry, to go free, Townsend says.

But Marjorie’s bar was seized by government officials

But Jim has never explicitly implicated Marjorie in any of his drug dealing enterprises. But he now claims that he has more to spill.

Here's what is being reported on Radar Online:

The drug kingpin ex-husband of Steve Harvey’s wife Marjorie has penned a memoir that threatens to blow the lid off their marriage and run-ins with the law.

“I wrote two-thirds of the book in prison,” Jim Townsend exclusively told

While Townsend noted he “had reservations” about sharing his explosive story because of his kids, he decided to go ahead with the project — whether his ex, 62-year-old Harvey’s current wife, likes it or not.

“I have no allegiance to Marjorie, she showed her hand,” he blasted. “I’m going…tell my story. It don’t matter [if she knows about it].”

“I’m pouring my heart out,” he said of sharing all his and Marjorie’s explosive secrets. “No one knows what happened but me and Marjorie.”