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Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie are in the midst of a $2,000,000 two week luxury yacht vacation. And Steve admitted to his fans that it's because he "can't say no" to his wife.

Steve told fans, "I done took this chick all around the world, I can't say no."

The comedian talk show host continued, "I gotta take you where you wanna go. I don't care where you ask me to take you, I'll take you."

Marjorie adds, "Because you love me."

The couple is traveling across the Mediterranean and North Africa on a 20+ person yacht, which rents for $1 million a week. It's an annual yacht vacation that the couple takes every year.

This vacation is Marjorie's second major trip of 2019. Earlier this year, she and her daughter Lori took a 2 month vacation across the entire world. Marjorie and Lori started off in Africa, then traveled north across the continent, into the Middle East and Asia, then Europe.

According to one source close to Marjorie, that trip cost approximately $1,000,000.

So Steve's already dropped $3M on Marjorie's travel expenses, and it's only JULY!!

Here are pics from Marjorie's other vacation:

We have to give it to Steve and Marjorie - they are really out here living their best life!!Over a year ago, a shocking rumor about the state of Steve Harvey's marriage circulated. Some gossip tabloids had been running stories about how his wife, Marjorie Harvey, had walked out on him and fought endlessly with him.There were even allegations that Marjorie had filed a divorce against Steve. It also came out that they were in a vicious custody battle that has caused the divorce to drag on and cost Steve around $400 million.But it seems that now these rumors and whispers are now behind the couple.