Steve Harvey's wife Marjorie is fighting back at rumors that she and Steve are in the midst of a divorce battle.

Radar Online is reporting that Steve has begun selling off assets in preparation for what they call a "bitter divorce battle."

“Marjorie would never allow herself to be pushed around. Money talks, and her man had better provide. And when the money’s gone — she’s gone, too!” one of the "sources" claimed.

While the article seems to indicate that there's major turmoil between the couple, Marjorie's Instagram tells a different story. Just two days ago, Marjorie posted a photo of the couple having a BBQ party at their home. 

And yesterday, Marjorie came out swinging, and responded to the allegations on Instagram. Well she didn't respond directly, but she posted a video that was meant to quell the reports of a Harvey split.

Here's Marjorie's video:

In the video you see Marjorie in her new $350K Ferrari, taking her dog for a spin. Marjorie is surrounded by a top notch security team in the Beverly Hills compound. And Mrs Harvey is having her personal car washer detail the sports car - just as she drives it off. You also see Steve kissing his wife, apparently approving of her extravagant  lifestyle.

Marjorie is basically sending a message - she doesn't plan on going anywhere . . . and neither does she plan on cutting back on her luxurious lifestyle.

This isn't the first time Steve and Marjorie have been up against divorce rumors. Just last year, the same outlet claimed that Steve was leaving his wife for Kris Jenner and that Marjorie wanted $400 million for the split.