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MARINE MOM Goes CRAZY . . . Kills Beautiful DAUGHTER . . . Then HERSELF . . . Did The MARINES DRIVE HER INSANE???? (Sad Story)

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A proud marine mom named Ericka Joseph, 46, is believed to have murdered her 9-year-old daughter, Akili Joseph, and then taken her own life. This horrifying incident happened in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on Tuesday morning, a police spokeswoman says.

Police say that Erica's ex-husband found their bodies when he came to pick up Akili for visitation. Father and daughter were scheduled Tuesday morning to fly to South America - where he lived.

Here's how it's being reported at The Daily Mail:

While detectives are still working to determine a motive in the deaths, Joseph’s relatives and neighbors have spoken about her increasingly strange behavior. (Neither her family members nor Akili’s father could immediately be reached.)

Williams told NBC Miami he thought Joseph had had trouble transitioning back to civilian life.

“We recently started noticing minor changes, but not to a significant point that it would distress, that it would be something of this nature, to take a life,” Williams told the station.

Neighbors told WSVN that they noticed Joseph closing the hurricane shutters on the windows of her home the night of her death.

“This shutter right here, she was closing it up and making sure it was locked,” neighbor Chaunecia Gresham said. “My boyfriend was like, ‘What is she doing? A hurricane is not coming.’”

Another neighbor said she thought it strange Joseph would shutter up her windows so late at night.