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The reunion show for Bravo's Married To Medicine was explosive - cast member Mariah Huq was called a "cocaine addict" by a fellow castmate.

MTO News learned that the allegations were so EXPLOSIVE that they left host Andy Cohen speechless and with his mouth wide open.

According to a TOP MTO News source, cast member Quadd Webb Lunceford made the explosive claim - saying that she allegedly watched Mariah engage in cocaine use. Quad told the audience that she actually saw Mariah doing drugs - and when she confronted her, Mariah told her “I’m grown! I can do whatever I want!.” 

And there's more. MTO News spoke with a friend of Mariah's who believes she may have witnessed Mariah's alleged cocaine use also. The friend told MTO News, "Mariah got into a fight with Quad at STK in Atlanta. Her face was covered with [what looked like] coke residue, and she was barefoot."

The tipster continued, "I can't say for certain it was coke. But Mariah was looking like a crackhead."

According to our Bravo source, the reunion show was so EXPLOSIVE it's being called the greatest reunion show in Bravo history. The execs at the network told MTO News, "It's better than the one where Porsha beat up Kenya."

Bravo is currently editing the show - and are planning on putting a MASSIVE budget behind promoting it. They expect that the ratings will be REALLY good - and may even eclipse the ratings seen from Atlanta Housewives reunion shows.

BTW - there were even more EXPLOSIVE revelations at the reunion show - but we're told that Bravo plans on editing them out. There were some unfounded allegations thrown back and forth, and the network is not trying to get sued.