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Mariah Lynn JUMPS Love & Hip Hop Rival . . .  Pulled Up With Family!! (Contains Violence)


MTO News has EXCLUSIVE footage from a fight - between two Love & Hip Hop cast members. Mariah Lynn pulled up on her rival K Goddess. And Mariah Lynn was not alone - the Caucasian Love & Hip Hop rapper pulled up with her mother and sister. And the three ladies JUMPED K Goddess.

The best part, is that the entire incident was caught on camera. K Goddess was on LIVE when the altercation occurred.

Now here's the back story, and an explanation of exactly who "K Goddess is."

The beef started all because Mariah Lynn started working with producer Swift On Demand. You may remember him from Love & Hip Hop - he's the charming music producer who had a major crush on Cardi B.

Well Mariah Lynn and Swift got a little too close, and that caused Swift's NEW girlfriend - a rapper named K Goddess - to complain about their relationship.

K Goddess - who will make an appearance on Love & Hip Hop NY next season started going back and forth with Mariah Lynn. And so Mariah Lynn PULLED UP.