Twitter was in an uproar on New Year's Eve after the Twitter account owned by global superstar Mariah Carey was hacked - resulting in a series of offensive tweets.

One of the tweets read, "Eminem can still hold this p*ssy," referencing Em's claims that he and Mariah were intimately involved with each other - something Mariah has always denied.

The account also used the n-word several times, and the account also tweeted out that "Eminem has a little penis."

Eminem and Mariah's ex-husband, Nick Cannon, are currently embroiled in a rap beef after Em mentioned Mariah in Fat Joe's track, "Lord Above." In response, Cannon dropped three diss tracks.

Twitter issued a statement about the hacking:

"Confirming the account was hacked. As soon as we were made aware of the issue, we locked the compromised account and are currently investigating the situation," a spokesperson said.

And as for Mariah, here's how she reacted to the violation of privacy: