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Mariah Carey has said that she'd like to work with Cardi B and Lil Kim.

During a recent episode of Bravo's ‘WWHL,' Mariah was asked if she would collaborate with the "Money" rapper to which Mariah replied in the affirmative.

“I’d love for that to happen.” Her new song “A No No,” was inspired by Lil Kim and even samples one of Kim's iconic single "Crush On You," and Mariah made it known that she would love for the three of them to collaborate.

Some are taking this as subtle shade to Nicki Minaj, who has worked with Mariah in the past, but the pair publicly fell out during their stint filming American Idol.

Her shade towards Minaj has been more overt in the past.

During a previous episode of WWHL in 2016, Mariah was asked to name 3 nice things about Nicki, to which Mariah responded:

 ”Can you?” before continuing, “You know, I always thought it was more important with that situation to not plead the fifth but to just stay above the fray. Because you don’t want to be déclassé. You just want to move it along.” 

We can't be sure that any shade was intended, but we're definitely here for the collab!