Mariah Carey is facing some bad news this holiday season and is being sued by her former nanny for emotional distress.

According to several reports, a woman by the name of Maria Burgues filed the lawsuit against Mariah, on Monday.

Burgues says that Mariah did not pay her on several different and that other members of the team did not treat her well. In 2017, she alleges that Mariah's bodyguard, Marcio Moto threatened to kick her out of a vehicle while driving to Las Vegas. She says that despite her complaints, no action was taken against him. She claims that on a separate event, Mariah's children walked out of a dance calls and was blamed for it when it was really Moto who was at fault. She was fired over this incident.

The suit seeks compensation for severe emotional distress. Burgues also alleges she was not given proper wage statements and was not given her total wages due when she was fired.