Mara Brock Akil's husband just officially admitted to cheating on her, but he denies that he abused his side chick.

Girlfriends producer Mara Brock Akil's life got turned upside down last week. A woman claiming to be her husband's long-term side chick came forward, and sued him for "abuse."

An actress named Amber Dixon Brenner came forward claiming to be Salim Akil's longtime side chick. She made the accusations in a lawsuit that she filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on November 20. The alleged side chick accused Salim of repeated “non-consensual assault and battery.” 

She also sued for an alleged breach of contract, over a screenplay that Salim is alleged to have stolen from her, Amber says that she was Mara's husband side chick for over a decade. She claims that they finally broke up in 2017.

Salim if fighting the lawsuit, but he also admitted to some wrongdoing - in particular CHEATING on wife Mara. Salim made the following statement through his lawyers - essentially denying everything, except he affair:

“These allegations are deeply upsetting – but they are also totally untrue. We will defend Salim to the fullest against the false and offensive claims that a woman with whom he had a past relationship has included in multiple unsubstantiated lawsuits. Salim looks forward to clearing his name and to being able to focus on his work and his family.”