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Man Who Fathered 281 Children Dies, Thousands Attend Funeral! (Pics)

More than 1,000 people showed up to mourn and pay their last respects to Francisco Tchikuteny Sabalo, the man who fathered 281 children from 47 wives, MTO News has confirmed.

Yes, you read that right - he had 281 children.


The funeral attendees went against Angolan president João Lourenço’s directive which banned large gatherings to curtail the spread of coronavirus and came together anyway.

Francisco, or Pai grande (Big Daddy) as he's known, was described as a dedicated family man and respected personality in his community. His family and friends told the local press that he was “a complete human being” who was an advocate for education. 

Pai Grande was a popular polygamist, who had a lot of children. Unfortunately, not all of them survived - more than one-third of his children (125) died before him.  At the time of Pai grande's death, he had 156 surviving children and 250 grandchildren.

Pai wasn't stingy with his children either. He told the local news that he wanted his children to take up careers in science and technology, and revealed he spent over $1,500 on school supplies annually.

Three of his daughters currently are studying medical sciences and two sons are learning computer science, all at the high school level.

Here are pics