Man Takes Selfie . . . Over MURDER VICTIM'S BODY . . . Like's It's A JOKE!! ('Is He Dead??')

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A Waco Texas man is coming under fire - for taking a joking "selfie" video over a homicide victim's dead body!!

MTO News viewed the video that starts with a man laughing and joking on camera as he states, "I just saw a White guy get smoked." The man claims to have witnessed a man being shot and killed.

But instead of calling for help, or running away from a shooting scene, he went back to take a video selfie of the body.

And the camera man did so in a DISTURBINGLY CALLOUS manner. He asked a man on the scene, "Is he dead."

But the cold blooded cameraman did do some good - he SNITCHED. The cameraman claims that the man who shot and killed the victim was a "skinhead." He also caught he alleged gunman on camera.

No word yet on whether police solved this homicide case.