A Las Vegas man had a shootout with police - and it was all captured on LIVE.

The man, Roger Tindell, was wanted for a double homicide. He is accused of murdering 28-year-old Mellisa Mason and 40-year-old Robin McComb.

Yesterday police attempted to pull him over for a traffic infraction, and things went LEFT. - He was driving with his pregnant girlfriend and immediately ran from the officers. He took out his phone and began streaming the chase - and the shootout that occurred afterwards.

At one point during the livestream of the chase, Roger can be heard telling his pregnant girlfriend to "cover her ears," as he leaned out the window and fired shots at the police chasing him.

Roger shifted from using profanity to describe the woman, whom he referred to as his “hostage,” and threatening to shoot her to eventually calling her “babe” and saying he loves her in the video.

“Now I have to raise our son alone, thank you,” she tells him.

According to authorities, the pursuit ended when Roger crashed into a police car and opened fire at deputies. 

He was wounded in the gunfight and was taken to a hospital. The female passenger was not injured, but was taken to a hospital as a precaution. Roger is expected to survive his injuries.