Blac Chyna has a way with men. Paparazzi spotted Rob Kardashian's baby mama on a double date with a new mystery guy who couldn't seem to wait for dessert to come around. 

And according to social media - it was the new couple's first date.

Chyna and her date were spotted out to dinner with Lyrica Anderson and her new man when Chyna's mystery bae pulled up her leg after dinner and began kissing and licking her stilettoed foot. 

Chyna's date spent a good five minutes doting on her feet after finishing up their meal at Joeys restaurant in Woodland Hills, CA. 

The couple left the restaurant together and Chyna's date made sure to carry her “doggy bag” and open up the passenger side door for her.

Still no word on who Chyna's Romeo is. But we have an idea of what this breath must smell like . . .