The coronavirus has taken over the United States, and panic is beginning to settle in across the country.

And yesterday things got out of control - as a man was stabbed at a Sam's Club outside of Atlanta.

Here is the video - warning GRAPHIC

According to the police in Hiram, Georgia, a man was stabbed by a broken wine bottle on Thursday, as he was buying supplies at the local Sam's Club.

The victim was in the Walmart store aisle in a motorized shopping cart, when another family trying to get to the same spot. The man in the motorized shopping cart allegedly hit the family’s cart, which is when a woman in the family hit the victim.

Then, police said men from both parties grabbed wine bottles and started hitting each other.

According to police, the fight caused bottles to be smashed, and multiple injuries.

The man in the motorized cart was "stabbed" and taken to the hospital for his injuries.

Here is the video - warning GRAPHIC