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Virginia police are warning people to watch where they get there weed - there's "bad" weed going around that's making people go crazy.

A Virginia man is being accused of smoking some "bad" marijuana - which made him strip naked, bite his pet dog, and then chomping down on an off-duty FBI agent.

Cory Michael Phillips, 31, is being charged with malicious wounding, animal cruelty, possession of marijuana, assault and battery, obstruction of justice and intoxication in public in connection with the incident

Cory is scheduled to appear in court March 5, to face these charges. 

A Prince William County police officer claims that he found Cory standing naked in the street, and attempted to subdue him.

The officer claims that Cory resisted arrest, and that a 51-year-old off-duty FBI officer saw the commotion, and attempted to help. 

According to the arrest report, Cory struggled with the agent, and bit him on the neck, causing a minor injury.

During their subsequent investigation, police are claiming that they learned Cory had picked up his 5-year-old Labrador-boxer mix dog, began squeezing it and then bit the animal on its ears and chest. 

He then allegedly went outside and pushed a neighbor, a 60-year-old woman, to the ground. The woman was not injured, police say.

Officers blame Cory's action - In part - on what they are calling "bad" marijuana.