Man MURDERS WIFE . . . Stuffs In Barrel . . . Posts DEATH PICS On Social Media!! (PICS)

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MTO News is learning about a murder - that is gripping the entire world.

A woman named Joy Ozoemena was killed, allegedly by husband, Isaiah Chukwu. And reports say that after she was killed, the beauty was STUFFED in a barrel - and then photographed for social media.

Here are the images  - warning graphic

Members of Joy's family are still in shock over the news of her death.

News reports say that Isaiah allegedly murdered the 26-year-old Joy after he claims she cheated on him. Isaiah then, according to news reports, stuffed her corpse inside a giant bucket. In his Facebook post, one of the family members, Nnaji Offor, said that his hands kept swaying and fretting since he heard of his sister death and the way she was killed. His exact words were as follows:

“Each time I tried to articulate my thoughts on this. I can’t just get my words since pictures and videos have been circulating on the internet about a young man who murdered his ‘girlfriend’. She was no longer a girlfriend as her bride price was just paid last month and Ozoemena just returned to Lagos with the guy.

The deceased lady was my sister from Umuayom, Umuobeye, Nkalaha in Ishielu local government area of Ebonyi State where we were both born and brought up. “The last post she made on Facebook was on the 16th of this month with her username, Nina Joy-Seraph; the first child of her parents. The last time I travelled to the village, I did ask her mother about her and she said she was fine. “My peace has eluded me. I cannot articulate my thoughts.

The killer allegedly took photo of Joy - and then posted them on social media.

Here are the images - warning GRAPHIC