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A 37 year old African American man is accused of trying to murder his White father after the two argued about his African American dead mother's $2 million fortune. 

Police say that Jason Heyworth, 37, allegedly used a wrench to beat and torture his father for four hours. Jason is currently on trial in New York for the 2017 attempted murder of his 71-year-old father Eric Heyworth. 

According to prosecutors, Jason, who graduated from Columbia University, went to the apartment on the day of the attack to find his father had changed the locks. 

Prosecutors say that Jason forced his way into the home, and allegedly attacked his father with a wrench. 

His father Eric, a retired public school teacher and Harvard graduate, suffered brain damage from the attack and is now in an assisted-living home.

When police responded to a 9-1-1 call about the attack, they claim that Jason opened the door for detectives and the officers saw a bloodied and half-naked Eric trying to drag himself from the bedroom. 

Eric allegedly told police that his son had injured him before later slipping into a coma when he was rushed to a hospital. 

'This defendant tortured and brutalized his own father for hours nearly killing him because of greed,' prosecutor Sarah Marquez told the court.  

“He will never be the same man.'