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Man MURDERS Own Mother . . . Then Literally BIT HER HEAD OFF!! (Cannibal)


Terrelle Johnson, 29, is charged with cannibalizing his mother - BITING HER HEAD OFF.

The Mississippi man is charged with one of the most HEINOUS crimes imaginable. Police say that the man murdered his own mother then he literally "bit her bead off" - decapitated his mom with a butter knife, his teeth and bare hands.

Terrelle allegedly confessed to killing his mother Sherry Johnson, 51, a high school guidance counselor, earlier this month. Her body was found by police outside her home on June 6.

Terrelle Johnson reportedly told his mother’s relatives that she was away on a cruise but they were not convinced.


Officials say, Capt. Ray Boggs of the Stone County Sheriff’s Office went to Johnson’s home for a “welfare check” after Sherry’s siblings contacted authorities when they had not heard from her for a few days.

When the officer arrived and look around inside the home he saw blood. The officer told the court, "When I entered the bedroom, I immediately noticed blood everywhere,” adding the walls and bed also had blood on them.

Eventually police found what was left of Sherry Johnson’s body in the backyard. Her head was about 15 feet from her body.

After further investigation, deputies claim Terelle confessed. The officer testified, "He told me that he beat her up real bad. He said it got out of hand."

According to officers, Terelle  decapitated her using a butter knife along, his hands, and teeth. He is believed to have eaten at least PART of his mother's body.