Man MURDERED Girlfriend . . . After She Gave Him $500 From Her RENT MONEY!!

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Phoenix police claim that Jon Christopher Marcus Clark murdered his 19 year old girlfriend Kiera Bergman — after she gave him her rent money.

Authorities have text messages sent between phones belonging to Bergman and Clark, as well as those from Bergman’s phone to her friends.

According to court documents, Jon had a history of abusing Kiera, including instances in which he restrained her by putting his hand on her chest and throat.

Police say that the text messages sent back and forth showing Jon asking for money and Kiara agreeing to let him take $500 from her account — her rent money. At the time the messages were sent, both phones were using the Wi-Fi in Jon’s apartment, according to police. Clark withdrew the money and also filled up the gas tank in her car.

Later, police say Jon murdered Kiera. 

She actually gave him her rent money and let him borrow her car (with gas) and he still murdered her. She was only 19 and may have been pregnant with his child.

Kiara had been missing a month when a bicyclist found her remains Sept. 3 near a highway in the community of Buckeye, Ariz., several miles from the apartment Bergman shared with a friend. Clark also lived there, but did not pay rent or have a job, according to police.