Man Kills Postal Worker Because He Didn't Receive His Stimulus Check Yet!!


Police say Tony Cushingberry, pictured below, murdered his postal mail delivery person, Angela Summers because he was upset that he hadn't received his stimulus check yet. So he killed the postal worker.

The postal worker, Angela Summers was the mother of a 14-year-old girl.  She was shot once at point blank range, and died immediately

And the deadly incident could have been avoided.

A few weeks ago, after having difficulty delivering mail to Tony's house - Angela asked him to keep his dog inside. After multiple warnings, Angela - in compliance with US postal police - notified Tony that he would have to pick up his mail at the post office.

Angela wrote about her interactions with Tony's dog on Facebook, two days before she was killed:


Tony confronted Angela on Friday, and asked for his mail. When she refused, he repeatedly asked for his mail while standing six feet from Angela on his neighbor's porch.

Then, police say he ran up on Angela with a gun. 

But Angela didn't go down without a fight. As she saw that her life was threatened, she tried to get away. Police say that she sprayed her alleged attacker with mace before being shot dead on Monday afternoon.

Tony allegedly confessed to the killing, saying  he 'did not mean to kill the letter carrier, but wanted to scare her', court documents state.

The 21-year-old has been charged with second-degree murder, assaulting a federal employee and discharging a firearm during a crime. If convicted, he faces the death penalty.

Paul Toms, president of NALC Branch 39 told Fox59: 'The mail had been curtailed from what I was told very recently. On April 12 or 13, the curtailment of mail letter was sent to them.