Man KILLS Himself And FAMILY In Crash. . . He Was TOO BUSY Livestreaming!! (Video)

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A man accidentally killed himself and eight other members of his family, in a horrific car crash.

The van, which carried nine members of the same family, collided with an oncoming truck on a highway some 60 kilometers from Budapest in Hungary. Everyone on board was killed instantly.

The van’s driver, a 38 years old male, who was focusing on streaming the ride live on Facebook and didn’t notice until it was too late that while in the passing lane, he was driving right into the truck.

According to a news report on Romanian TV, the family were gypsies coming from Slovenia where they worked.

Reports say that, "Police named driver as 38-year-old "Peter K," a Romania native. The driver was not licensed to carry passengers, and the minibus he was driving had been detained for almost two months by police officers prior to the incident, according to Romanian broadcaster Digi 24."

To make matters worse, "The accident left 16 children orphaned — village authority said it was looking for a solution for the children's care. Hungary's Number 4 motorway, which connects Budapest to the East, is known for being dangerous — famous Hungarian actor István Bubik died on the stretch."

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and especially the children.

Here is the video of the Livestream - before the accident:

And the aftermath of the accident - is GRUESOME.