Man Is KILLED . . . Trying To Take A Selfie With A BEAR!! (Shocking Video)

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A man looking to get "likes" on social media, ended up losing his life. MTO News learned that a man was killed, trying to take a "selfie" photo with a bear. The man, Prabhu Bhatar from the Indian state of Orissa, was mauled to death according to local reports.

The tragic incident happened on Wednesday, May 2, when Prabhu saw a bear, while driving along the side of the forest. The bear appeared to be dead, so Pradhu snuck up and tried take a selfie with a predator.

Well he was wrong, and it cost him his life. The bear jumped up when Prabhu was in range and knocked him to the ground and began to tear the man pieces.

Eventually some environmental department rangers managed to drive the beast away from the bloody body, but it was too late - he died from the injuries.

It's not clear what was the fate of the bear.

Here is the graphic video