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Man In Resurfaced Video Defends 'RHONY' Sonja Morgan Against Lit Cigarette In Vagina Video

Joshua Flagg, the man who claimed that he once put lit cigarettes inside the vagina of RHONY star Sonja Morgan has spoken out in defense of his friend.

Josh says his claims were just a joke.

"Heather is full of sh*t. Sonja and I have been best friends for literally 15 years. The sh-t that we say sometimes on my Instagram… It's just fun. We just have, like, a good time. There's nothing real about it," told Heather McDonald. "Do you really think I stuck a f*cking lit cigarette in her vagina? I mean, like, if you dig far enough you'll see also a part where I said I put a Rolex in there and it didn't come out," he added.

"Come on. This is ridiculous. She totally jacked that from my Instagram or she totally found it, like on an old video. I know Sonja. She's insane. But she's not going to put a cigarette in her vagina," he said.