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Man Hit By TRAIN In Baltimore . . . And They LIVESTREAM IT!! (Graphic)

MTO News learned that yesterday an unidentified 58 year old man was struck by the light rail train on Howard and Clay streets in downtown Baltimore.

Unfortunately the man did not survive the accident. The train , which has a maximum speed of 60 miles per hour, struck him so violently - that the victim's body was torn in two.

MTO News confirmed that the Baltimore police identified the victim as Timothy Mullins. According to a Baltimore Police spokesman said the man was dragged by a southbound train for several blocks.

According to the Baltimore Sun, "T.J. Smith, a Baltimore Police spokesman, said it appeared the man was dragged by a southbound train on Howard Street for several blocks — struck somewhere between W. Mulberry and W. Saratoga streets and “ultimately dislodged” from the train somewhere south of W. Lexington Street.

“It’s a large scene that spans several blocks, so our investigation is going to continue,” said T.J. Smith, a Baltimore Police spokesman, about 10:30 a.m. “We apologize for the inconvenience, but understand that our investigators are right now at a loved one's house alerting them to the death.”

MTA spokesman Paul Shepard asked pedestrians to give trains the right of way, as they “cannot stop on a dime.”

But while this accident SOUNDS horrific - some local Baltimorians decided to get "likes" over it. You see, they Livestreamed the aftermath of the incident, and showed what happened to the man to MILLIONS OF PEOPLE.

Obviously MTO News will not publish the video.