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Man With HALF A BRAIN Allegedly Commits MURDER . . . Should They Give Him a BREAK . . . Because Of His DISABILITY??? (Details)

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Carlos Rodriguez, 31, who's nickname is "Halfy" after he lost part of his skull in a car crash, has been arrested and charged with arson and attempted murder. Rodriguez was arrested after he lit his mattress on fire at his home in Miami on Monday morning.

He was also charged with two counts of attempted murder as the fire was in close proximity to his neighbors' duplex. Rodriguez gained fame in 2010 when he was arrested in Miami-Dade for allegedly soliciting a prostitute and his mugshot was posted on the internet.

In a YouTube video, Rodriguez explained he injured his head after he hit a pole while driving, flew out the front window of the car and landed on his head. He appeared in court on Tuesday but the public defender asked for the hearing to be reset as he believes Rodriguez might be suffering mental health issues.