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Man Goes To Girlfriends House . . . And BLOWS HIMSELF UP . . . She LIVESTREAMED IT ALL!!!


A disturbed man killed himself in front of his girlfriend's house - and it was all caught on Livestream. The incident reportedly happened in the Bahamas. According to social media reports, the man and the woman recording the video were an estranged couple.

The woman asked her former lover to LEAVE HER ALONE - and he decided to end it all. The man first poured gas all over his car . . . then went inside the car . .. and lit a match.

Almost immediately the car EXPLODED. But the man didn't die immediately. He was able to walk out of the car as he was completely ON FIRE.

Reports say that the man was rushed to a local hospital and in EXTREMELY SERIOUS condition. It's not clear that he will make it.

Here is the link to the video