A 26 year old man from California got a full face transplant, and he's going viral. Many on social media claim that he went from "ugly" to handsome, after undergoing the transplant.

Cameron Underwood tried to commit suicide 2 years ago, by shooting himself in the face. with a shotgun. Miraculously he survived the gunshot wound - but his face was completely destroyed.

Before the suicide attempt, Cameron was not traditionally handsome. Here's what he looked like:


Eleven months ago, Cameron underwent a face transplant surgery in New York, And now he's smiling again.

Doctors at NYU Langone Health replaced Cameron's destroyed face - with a handsome face donated by another man.

Here's a picture of the donor, William Fisher, a 23-year-old writer and aspiring filmmaker from New York, who registered as an organ donor before his death.


After receiving permission from Fisher’s family and securing the appropriate approvals, Dr. Rodriguez prepared to lead a surgical team from NYU Langone Health in the third face transplant of his career, the second of which is widely considered to be the most extensive face transplant on record, according to the health centre.

The plastic surgeon said he was optimistic about Underwood’s chances for success because of the relatively short period of time – only 18 months – from when he was injured to the surgery.

“Cameron has not lived with his injury for a decade or longer like most other face transplant recipients have,” he said. “As a result, he has not had to deal with many of the long-term psychosocial issues which often lead to issues like severe depression, substance abuse, and other potentially harmful behaviors.”