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Man Gets SEVEN YEARS In JAIL . . . For Calling His EX-WIFE A 'B***H' . . . On Social Media!! (See The Post . . . That GOT HIM LOCKED UP)

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A 44-year-old American fitness guru named Jordan Branford - the founder of The Body Challenge - is locked away in jail – and his only crime is slandering his ex on social media.

Jordan was ordered by the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) government to serve seven years in prison, or pay a $68,000 fine – just for using the word "b****" on Instagram.

Jordan’s estranged Egyptian wife, Salma Ismail, is the one who SNITCHED to the Dubai government – she filed an OFFICIAL COMPLAINT after seeing the swear word in an Instagram post.

In the post, which has since been deleted, the father-of-one did not direct the word toward anyone specific, but there is suggestion it could be about Ismail.

The word "b****" is considered an offensive word in the socially conservative Dubai, even when it’s not directed at a specific person, and those who use it are subject to criminal sanctions.

Branford, who has lived in the UAE since 2008 after making the move from Oregon, faces a fine of AED 250,000 ($68,000), or seven years in prison for the crime, followed by deportation.

If Branford is unable to pay the fine – which is highly likely as his finances have been depleted after paying his legal fees – he will serve a 209-month or almost seven-year sentence at a notoriously violent prison in the UAE.

Each day served at the prison is equivalent to AED 100 (about $27).

The Dubai government will hold on to Branford’s passport until he either pays the fine or turns himself into police to serve his sentence.

That's one EXPENSIVE social media rant!

So, what did he say that got him locked up? He said the following on an Instagram story:

So I woke up today and heard the b*tch made another case.

That was it.