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Teen Gets JUMPED BY Gang. . . He Tracks EACH ONE DOWN . . . And Beats Them Up In A One-On-One FADE!! (VIDEO)

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A Bay Area teen has gone viral. The young man was JUMPED by a local gang – and he tracked down EACH MEMBER of the gang – and beat them up ONE-ON-ONE.
The Oakland young man, who goes by the name of “PREZIDENTIA STUNNA” is becoming a HOOD SUPERHERO.

He has posted a few videos of his encounters with the gang on his Instagram, and everybody appears to be in support of his revenge mission. Jumping is never cool. A lot of people from the streets these days don’t really know what it’s like to throw hands for real.

Here are some of the comments from his videos:


“The Mama in the back talm bout “he finna beat on this N*gga and whoever else wanna catch a fade too!!” I’m f*cking done”

“Beat them n*ggas up brodie!👌🏼💯”

“lmaoooooo nahhhhhh 😂😂 he wasn’t playing about his revenge”

“Bruh finna go viral facts💯‼️ this all respect ain’t nobody doing this anymore💯”

“went to all they houses tho to beat all they ass that jumped him!!!”

“bro watch these!!! He got jumped now he after EVERY n*gga who had any parts! He say his mama ain’t raise no b*tch”

“Do dat shit dawg u real for dese videos 1 by 1 they dumbass”

Here’s the video, of dude getting JUMPED:

Here is an alternate link