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An Australian man died after getting what authorities are calling an illegal p*nis implant. Jack Chapman, 28, died of the of a pulmonary embolism after silicone that was injected into his p*nis traveled to his lungs and killed him. 

Jack died in a Seattle area hospital after going into respiratory arrest from the effects of silicone embolism syndrome last month, according to the Daily Mail UK.

Reports show that Jack got involved in a gay cult - where the alleged cult leader Dylan Hafertepen, required men to inject liquid silicone into their p*nis'.

Chapman — who went by “Tank Heathcliff Hafertepen” and “Pup Tank” — was an active member of San Francisco and later Seattle’s gay BDSM community. Chapman served as one of several slaves to master Dylan Hafertepen, known as the nickname “Noodles and Beef.”

Hafertepen, who has thousands of followers on social media, is known for posting salacious photos with his slaves, whom he calls his “pups.” Several of Hafertepen’s “pups,” including Tank, appear to have artificially enlarged genitals as well as extremely muscular bodies.

News reports also claim that Jack reportedly traveled from Melbourne, Australia to the U.S. to meet Dylan. He eventually moved in with Dylan and four other men.

Dylan’s Facebook page features photos of the muscular cult members — all with enlarged p*nis' from injecting silicone.

Dylan refers to the men as “his pups” or “obedient puppies” who must act in submission to win his love and affection.