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There is a CRAZY story circulating in the British press, MTO News has learned. According to top UK publication, The Sun, a man from North of England contracted the coronavirus, while on vacation with his side chick in Italy.

According to the local paper, the man told his wife that he was going on a business trip in the UK. When he got back from his love-trip to Italy, he started to feel ill. Eventually the married man went to the hospital, and after testing, learned he had the coronavirus.

The paper implies that the side chick also contracted the "rona"

The man, who doctors say is in his 30s, came clean to doctors about how he contracted the deadly disease. But he told the doctors NOT to tell his wife. 

Now the man is quarantined at home with his wife, and she has no idea how he really got the "rona."

The Sun's story has been published all over the world and it's so widely discussed, that even British ministers of health are commenting publicly on the situation. It seems like everyone in the UK is talking about the cheating husband

One person on Twitter commented, “His case would be funny if it wasn’t quite so serious." Another wrote, “The man confessed what he’d been up to in Italy, and that his wife has no idea.

A member of the British Health ministry tweeted this, “She thinks he just picked up the disease on his business trip. "