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Man Confesses To Killing BABYS MAMA .  . . 'You'll NEVER Find Her Body'!!!


MTO News confirmed that police arrested Lamont Johnson, 41, and charged him with second-degree murder for allegedly killing his baby's mother. Police say that Lamont confessed to pushing Bellamy Gamboa down a flight of stairs and choking her to death. The confession came on July 29, almost one month after the mother of four disappeared from the home they shared with their twin babies.

Police first realized that Bellamy was missing after her teenage son said he hadn’t heard from his mom in nearly 24 hours. Almost immediately, police brought in Lamont and questioned him as a suspect. Over the course of a month, Lamont's story fell apart and eventually police say that he confessed to the murder.

But police still haven't found Bellamy's body - and they're ready to give up.

In Johnson’s confession to the murder, he said that he pushed Gamboa down the stairs and fell on top of her before choking her to death. He said he put her body in a bag and took her to Chesapeake, VA.

Police have spent the past six days searching for Gamboa’s body, earlier this week police confirmed the search to find the 40-year-old’s body was called off “after countless hours, and exhausting all resources.”

In 2017, court documents show that both Gamboa and Johnson filed emergency protective orders against each other. The action was taken after two arguments in March took violent turns. Court documents say Johnson pushed Gamboa onto the ground and grabbed her. Johnson claims Gamboa slapped and pushed him. The cases were ultimately dismissed.