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A 33 year old man from South Carolina shot his baby's mother, and then went on Facebook Live to confess his crimes, MTO News has learned.

Here is the video - warning contains graphic descriptions of violence

Johnathan Ahren Emilien was wanted by police for arson and attempted murder. Luckily for everyone, the accused violent criminal - who was on the run - has been arrested. 

According to the Fountain Inn, South Carolina Police Chief Michael Hamilton, police responded to a call on Tuesday night around 9:30pm - requesting assistance from a woman who was shot. Police say that Jonathan shot the woman, and then set her home on fire, MTO News has learned.

Jonathan then drove off, and went on Facebook Live - bragging about trying to kill his baby's mother. Jonathan can be heard saying, "I told [her] that she wasn't gonna keep me from my baby. And you thought I was playing."

Then Jonathan told viewers that he plans on killing any police officers who come for him,. He said, "If any of them people [the police] come after me, bring that smoke cause I'm not going back to prison."

The condition of the victim hasn't been revealed by officials, but Chief Hamilton says she was being treated at Greenville Memorial Hospital. 

Jonathan was on the run as of Wednesday, but luckily for everyone - Fountain Inn Police confirmed yesterday that he was taken into custody.

Here is the video - warning contains graphic descriptions of violence