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Man Cheated On Pregnant Wife . . . Killed Her And Toddler Daugthers When She Found Out!


Denver police claim that a seemingly happily married man - turned into a psychopathic monster - after his wife caught him cheating. Police say that Chris Watts, 33, murdered his wife Shanann Watts, 34, and her daughters Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3.

Shannon and her daughters were reported missing from the couple's Denver home last Monday afternoon, and that caused a State-wide search by law enforcement agencies.

Chris was taken into custody last Wednesday on suspicion of murder, a day before the bodies of his wife and children were found. Chris went on television and pleaded for the safe return of his pregnant wife and two young daughters while the search was underway.

The two young girls were strangled and their bodies were found inside an oil tank, the Denver Post reported, citing a motion filed in court by an attorney for Watts. The remains of all three victims were found at Anadarko Petroleum oil field where Watts worked until his arrest, the newspaper reported.

Then, police interrogated Chris and revealed the stunning details that they say caused Chris to CHANGE INTO A MONSTER.

Police revealed in an affidavit that Chris was cheating on his pregnant wife, which was released on Monday. He also allegedly admitted he killed Shanann — but only after, he claimed, he “went into a rage” when she strangled one of their daughters.

In addition to murder, prosecutors have charged Chris, 33, with three counts of tampering with a dead body and unlawful termination of a pregnancy in the first-degree.