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A California man has been arrested and charged with murder after he rapped about killing and burying his missing girlfriend.

Robert Camou, 27, was indicted on murder charges this week after his girlfriend Amanda Kathleen Custer, 31, went missing back in July, according to reports.

Custer had previously sought a restraining order against her boyfriend, who in the past, has been charged with domestic violence, burglary, battery, and assault. Camou allegedly beat and strangled her in April. 

"I killed my b*tch and buried that b*tch in the f*cking dirt," he reportedly told the open mic audience.

 "The cops are trying to look for me and I'm… trying to shut my mouth."

Well, he did not do a great job at keeping his mouth shut. Why on earth did he say that in front of an audience?

According to the Independent, witnesses reportedly said they had seen him hauling a limp body into the back seat of a car outside his home in Monrovia, near Los Angeles, last month. 

Custer's body has not yet been recovered.