KILLER BOYFRIENDS!!! Man Charged With MURDERING His Girlfriend's BABY . . . She Let Him BABYSIT Her Toddler While She Worked!!!


A Texas man is the latest "boyfriend" to be charged with murdering his girlfriend's baby - when the child "refused" to stop crying.

Police say that Alexis Balleno, 22, was babysitting the boy while his girlfriend was at work. Alexis reportedly told police that the toddler started crying and he threw the baby up in the air "in an attempt to soothe him." While doing this, Alexis claims that he stumbled and the baby fell head first onto the couch before landing on the floor where he kept crying.

But Alexis confessed to EVEN MORE. Police say that Alexis told them that AFTER he picked up the toddler off the floor, he then shook him for about "10" seconds before the boy settled down. Alexis reportedly admitted to the toddler's head flopping back and forth during the shaking.

The toddler was rushed to the hospital where he was later declared brain-dead. The next morning, his mother had him removed from life support and he transitioned into the afterlife.

Alexis is expected to be charged with FIRST DEGREE MURDER.