Man Is Charged With MURDER . . . After His Girlfriend Commits SUICIDE . . . Prosecutors Say It Was ALL HIS FAULT!!! (Is This FAIR??)


A Minnesota man is entering new uncharted legal territory. Prosecutors are charging him with MURDER - after his GF committed suicide. Long Vang, 34, and Jessica Damian Haban, 28, had two children together in their nearly 11-year relationship and they were "culturally" married (not legally).

On Dec. 17, 2015, Jessica committed suicide in her home.

Here's how People magazine is reporting it:

A criminal complaint says that on May 11, 2015, Haban called 911 to report that Vang was allegedly throwing things at her. She alleged he'd overturned a coffee table and used it to restrain her on the couch, then broken the phone as she tried to call police, who showed up and said they found Vang hiding behind a vehicle near the garage.

Less than two weeks later, according to the Post-Bulletin, Vang allegedly punched Haban in the head with a closed fist in their home.

A domestic abuse no-contact order was issued in August 2015, but three months later a witness who "expressed fear that Vang would seriously injure or kill" Haban told police that Vang was allegedly contacting her, the newspaper reports.

Haban shared her fears with a social worker on Dec. 7. But after being hospitalized for mental health treatment, she called the social worker on Dec. 10 and asked to be discharged. The social worker learned Haban had been released on Dec. 13 – three days before Haban killed herself.

"Jessica was a beautiful, highly talented young woman," her obituary reads. "She excelled in everything she did. She loved her children with all her heart and did everything she could to make their dreams come true."

"She aspired to be a cosmetologist, also enjoyed spending time with family and friends. She loved to dance and was the Zumba queen of fitness. She had such an eccentric and loving personality; her smile could light up a room. She really made an impact on many people's lives and was known for her caring heart, long conversations and putting others in front of her own personal needs. She was a beloved daughter, sister, wife, mother and genuine friend."