Man Charged With ATTEMPTED MURDER . . . For BOUNCING 2 Week Old's Head On WOOD FLOOR . . . Like A BASKETBALL!!


An Arizona man is being charged with ATTEMPTED MURDER after authorities claim that the angry dad tried to play BASKETBALL - with his 2-week-old daughter's head.

Jeremy William Cowan, 29, is alleged to have tried to MURDER his daughter. The 2 week old was flown to a Las Vegas hospital for treatment of a fractured skull and brain hemorrhaging.

Agency spokeswoman Emily Fromelt told reporters, "On August 29th police received information that Cowan had been involved in a domestic violence incident with his girlfriend/mother of the child,ā€ Fromelt stated. ā€œIt was reported that Cowan had threatened to kill his girlfriend and said that he wished their baby daughter had died.ā€

Fromelt said another interview with Cowan revealed that he had thrown the infant head-first on the hardwood floor because she was crying.