Man Charged With ATTEMPTED MURDER . . . For BOUNCING 2 Week Old's Head On WOOD FLOOR . . . Like A BASKETBALL!!


An Arizona man is being charged with ATTEMPTED MURDER after authorities claim that the angry dad tried to play BASKETBALL - with his 2-week-old daughter's head.

Jeremy William Cowan, 29, is alleged to have tried to MURDER his daughter. The 2 week old was flown to a Las Vegas hospital for treatment of a fractured skull and brain hemorrhaging.

Agency spokeswoman Emily Fromelt told reporters, "On August 29th police received information that Cowan had been involved in a domestic violence incident with his girlfriend/mother of the child,” Fromelt stated. β€œIt was reported that Cowan had threatened to kill his girlfriend and said that he wished their baby daughter had died.”

Fromelt said another interview with Cowan revealed that he had thrown the infant head-first on the hardwood floor because she was crying.