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Man Caught SLIDING In NIECE'S DMs . . . Tries To DATE Her . . . On Her 18th Birthday!! (Sicko)


A man has gone viral - after being exposed for sliding into his 18 year old daughter-s DMs - and asking for a date. The niece exposed her uncle, by putting the messages out on social media. And the messages have now been seen by more than a million people.

The messages were sent by a 35 year old man, to his brothers teenage daughter, shortly after she turned 18. The messages start off complimentary, but quickly turn creepy. With the uncle behaving like an incestuous a$**hole.

Here are the initial messages:


The uncle must have realized that he messed up. He quickly tried to change up the subject - and act like she took his messages the wrong way. Look at the next set of messages: