Man Caught On Camera . . . MURDERING Taxi Driver!!! (R.I.P.)

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A horrible crime was caught on tape - where a hard working taxi driver was stabbed by a KILLER.

According to local media reports the incident occurred around noon last Thursday, near Ecuador's Ficoa sector. Digital TV reported that the taxi driver was killed after being stabbed 16 stabs.

But the taxi was equipped with a video, installed by the driver, and everything was caught on tape.

Here is the video

In the video, you see the killer sitting in the front seat, next to the driver. After a bit of conversation, the killer surprisingly attacks the driver - stabbing him multiple times with a knife. (Around 7:00 mark)

The local news also published another video from an alternate angle - taken by a passerbys on their cellphones.

Here is the other video

After killing the taxi driver, the killer fled. He was eventually captured by police - as he tried to escape in a local river.