PICS: Man Is Buried In $100K Worth Of Jewelry . . . While Wearing TIMBERLAND BOOTS!! (He Was A REAL One)

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A popular real estate mogul and used car dealer named Sheron Sukhdeo was shot and killed on Monday night. Police say that he was shot multiple times in a drive-by attack outside the home of relatives in Trinidad and Tobago

The father of two lived in style - and went out in style too. You see, Sheron was buried on Friday, in a $50,000 casket. Sheron’s body was dressed in white and around his neck were his thick, heavy gold chains with massive medallions and other large pendants, reaching down to his waist. His family also placed a pair of Timberland boots in the casket.

The total amount of jewelry in the casket is estimates to be more than $100,000.

Sheron's business dealings were long rumored to have been not entirely legal, but that didn't stop the entire community coming out to celebrate the life of the “World Boss." Sheron was doused in Moet champagne right before he was cremated, followed by a car show.

We just hope that he's left enough money for his family to survive for many years to come. It doesn't make sense being buried with all of that - wherever you're headed, it won't be going with you.