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Man BEAT On Livestream . . . After 'ADMITTING' To RAPING Woman!!! (Video)


A video has gone VIRAL online - and it shows a man appearing to admit to S*XUALLY ASSAULTING a woman. The video is reportedly from the NYC area.

The video begins with a group of men CONFRONTING one of their homies - after hearing rumor sthat he "raped" his girlfriend. The alleged rapist is confronted and told, "Your girlfriend of two years said you tried to rape her . . . her v*gina is hurting right now."

But the alleged rapist had an alternate explanation for his girlfriend's PHYSICAL discomfort. The alleged s*x abuser replied, "No I just did it wrong.."


The accuser then decided to take the law into his own hand and take action. The alleged rapist was tackled off the porch and landed on a sharp object - which stuck into his backside. He can e heard letting out a CACKLING scream - then the video cuts off.