Yesterday Karrine "Superhead" Steffans gave an interview with The Jasmine Brand where she told the world that she is pregnant by entrepreneur Everrette Taylor. The interview went viral and MTO News has learned that a few hours following that, Everrette appeared to threaten suicide on Instagram.

In the interview, Karrine Stefans, 41, shared the news of her pregnancy saying she's in the early stages of her pregnancy and the baby is expected this Summer. In the interview, she also said that Everrette was her boyfriend and life partner.

The announcement came out of the blue. Most people had no idea that Everrette, who is a well respected and successful tech entrepreneur, had been in a relationship with Superhead.

And it appears that Superhead's public announcement - and her speaking publicly about their relationship - may have pushed Everette over the edge.

Shortly after news of his alleged new baby went viral, MTO News learned that a suicide note appeared on Everette's Instagram. Many who read the post - which refers to an "evil" person - believe it was directed at Superhead.

Here's the note:


Luckily, social media reports say that police arrived at Everrette's location before he could harm himself. He's reportedly been taken to the hospital, and the alleged suicide note was removed from his Instagram.

Here's one report:

Everette Taylor is a prominent tech entrepreneur who has founded five different tech companies since the age of 19. PopSocial, a company he founded in 2016 and likely his most successful company, earned 2 million in revenues in its first year of operation. 

That same year Black Enterprise named him social media influencer of the year. The following year he was also featured by The Root as one of the most influential African Americans in 2017 and 2018 Forbes named him in their 30 under 30 list.