Man Arrested For S*xually Assaulting Multiple Ponies


A man from Delaware has been arrested after authorities accused him of sexually assaulting "multiple" ponies.

According to the cops, Michael Riego, 31, was taken into custody after the police were surveilling the equestrian center's stables as part of an ongoing investigation. They say they found him looking into a pony's stall. He then reportedly entered the stall and tied up the pony's rear legs.

It was then that they descended upon him, and he tried to hide away in a corner of the stall.

According to CBS3, their investigation started after they received after multiple reports of injured ponies at the New Castle County Carousel Park and Equestrian Center.

A separate incident from last September showed Riego taking the feed bucket from the barn and entering another pony's stall. He then tied up the pony's legs, removed articles of his clothing, and began sexually assaulting the pony. They were not able to make a positive ID from the surveillance video at the time however.

Riego is facing felony bestiality and burglary charges.