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A popular TV journalist named Evelyne Boone was assaulted on national television, MTO News has learned. The journalist was kissed by a passerby in the middle of her reporting, and in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic potentially exposing the pretty newscaster to the highly contagious virus.

The incident occurred on Saturday evening on the streets of Antwerp in Belgium. Evelyn was doing a live broadcast on the coronavirus, when the unthinkable happened. 

During her report, a man interrupted her, and gave her an unsolicited (and unwelcome) kiss on the cheek.

The journalist was furious over the incident, but she tried her best to keep her composure while on television. Evelyn's news station released the following comment 

"This is an indecent assault..Not only because there are measures in place against the coronavirus in our country, but also because it's wrong" 

And there will be consequences for the assailant. Evelyn contacted the police and filed a criminal complaint against the man.

Local police reported that the man has been arrested. A police representative told the media:

'A trial was verbally drawn up for indecent assault and the man was interrogated. The file was handed over to the public prosecutor's office. The man himself was transferred to Aliens Police "