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On Friday a disturbed man was arrested for digging up a grave site reported to belong to Kobe Bryant and daughter Gianna in Newport Beach, MTO News has learned.

Kobe Bryant tragically died last month in a helicopter accident that took the lives of his daughter Gianna, and 7 other passengers causing the entire nation to mourn their shocking death.

Last week, a disturbed man did the unthinkable however- he "dug up' A gravesite that the UK’s Daily mail reported belonged to Kobe and Gianna. Another news source, USA Today, disputes that this is Kobe’s grave site.

The man snuck onto the private gravesite, MTO News learned, with tools and began digging. Police say that the man peeled back the grass and began digging - and he dug fairly deep into the ground. 

It's not clear, however, whether the man reached any of the deceased’s coffins.

MTO obtained exclusive images showing police putting the man in handcuffs and taking photos of the crime scene.

 The unidentified male had been seen wearing knee pads, and carrying equipment that he used to dig through the area where he believed Kobe and Gianna had been laid to rest. 

He appeared to focus his efforts on one particular corner of the area and what appeared to be rectangular cutting marks could be seen through the grass.

photos: Backgrid